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Who are we?

Since May 2019, as part of a Beyond project for Hangzhou CIS, a group of three students, led by Aiden Tandiono, spearheaded the Give Back to the Game/ Sport program. 

The aim of this project was to raise money by selling self-designed and made #givebacktothegame wristbands, with all proceeds that were raised, used to purchase sports equipment and donate them to underprivileged children in schools and orphanages in Hangzhou. They also spent the time to coach the children basic football skills, doing drills and educating them about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through doing sports.

At Give Back to the Sport, we believe that all children should be given equal opportunity to explore and experience the joy of playing sports. We hope this will divert the children from bad habits to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. We started this as a project in Hangzhou (China) by selling wristbands and buying sporting equipment, with positive impacts on the children and favourable feedback from the community.

We plan to roll this out: 1) to include donations of old equipment, such as old football shoes, badminton racquets, and 2) to expand this project to Southeast Asian countries, with the hope of reaching out to more underprivileged children. 

About Us: History
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